Personal Training

Training that is and forever will be – all about you! One on One personal training sessions range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration. During this time, an EPIC WIN PT trainer will take you through the specialised program developed to help you reach your goals. These sessions are fun and challenging and designed to push you that little bit further each and every time you train.

One of the aspects of the fitness industry that continually fail clients is the lack of accurate progression. Epic Win PT leads the way with client data recording so that every session can be improved upon using the right tools and the right information.

These sessions can incorporate:

✔ Cardiovascular training

✔ Free weights

✔ Boxing/kick boxing

✔ Rehabilitation Training

✔ Stretching

✔ Core stability training

Don lost lost over 11kgs of weight/body fat in just 10 weeks through Personal Training

If you’re ready to become the best you can be, let a genuine transformation expert help you!

It all comes down to what you want in order to successfully achieve health, fitness and wellness.

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