What is YOUR Snap Point?

I’ve had this article on my mind for a few weeks now. Why? Because I am fast approaching the 10 year anniversary of when I had my snap point with my health and fitness. Anniversaries are often great and don’t get me wrong – I am pleased about what I have achieved but two comments were made to me last week that hit a nerve.

You’ve never had any problems with how you look!

This is the comment I received this week.. which I guess was a compliment in one way but it was more a return to the various Judgey McJudgeface comments I had received from years ago.

It was also a disappointing reminder on how quick people can be to comment on someone’s physical appearance to their face. I can’t help but wonder if these people are completely oblivious to how damaging their comments can be or are they aware and they simply don’t care.

Either way – no one gets away with it anymore. If I have to be the educator on all things tactful and respectful? So be it.

“How can you know what it’s like to be in a constant state of pissed off about how you look??”

I now love this comment so much in that I know exactly what it is like.

Have I always been fit? Hmm kind of. When it comes to cardio? Yes.. I was pretty fit. My tennis game revolved around consistency and outlasting my opponent. Wear them down until they made a mistake. Could I do a push up though? HA! – NO. In fact when I used to get squad coached for Tennis.. I would plead with my mum to take me late so that I missed the fitness drills. I did not want to come last and then have to do penalty push ups that I simply couldn’t do. When you are only 60 odd kilos, endurance is not so much a problem when you are carrying practically no muscle.

I lacked confidence in how I looked and how I interacted in social situations and all of that was compounded by the fact that it seems that when you are super skinny, people tend to more open about telling you how skinny you are and that you should eat more and that you look sick etc etc.

Was I eating properly? Hell no. My metabolism was so whacked out that yes.. I could sit down and eat packets of Tim Tams (my dad worked for Arnotts and it was discount biccies ahoy!), tubs of icecream and fast food and it wouldn’t alter my weight. Coupled with playing Tennis 3 times a week and still not fueling for the games I played.. my body was just always tired and run down and coupled with not getting enough sleep.. I just consumed lots of sugar to perk myself up. How I managed to not become a Type 2 Diabetic I have no idea.

I tried lifting weights. I remember buying a Bench Press and some weights and had it on my tiny balcony when I was living in Gaythorne. I used it rarely and it ended up just getting covered in dust and gunk from being left outside. I didn’t really know what I was doing anyway!

It was in December 2006 when I had my snap point. Earlier in the year I finally found myself in a relationship and being ever so happy about it, then after 3 months it was over. But then it wasn’t over because I was then dragged through the mud for another six months because someone was too insecure and timid to stand up for himself and say “This on again, off again bullshit stops now. Piss off, it’s over” That person was me.

When it finally came out in December that the relationship ended at that 3 month mark due to being cheated on.. and the subsequent yo-yo-ing was due to the other party wanting to be with me but also having to two time me with their ex while reverting back to their drug happy ways.. I was in a pretty awful place. That week just felt like I was numb. I actually remember having a meeting at work where I was asked to work on a project and I said that I don’t honestly know what I want to do given I was just so wrecked from everything.

This was pretty much my snap point. Disney Style.

New Years Eve arrived and by that stage I had come out of that numbing haze and being angry and determined were my feelings of choice. I decided I was going to join a gym and put on some muscle.

I was sick of being seen as some skinny push over.

I was sick of feeling like shit.

2006 was terrible. Time to change it up for 2007.

I joined the Goodlife Gym at Ashgrove. I got myself a PT called Rob who was a behemoth of a man. We trained. I ate. I started noticing differences in how I looked, felt and performed at work. I worked hard for 8 solid months and I went from 66kg to 87kg.

I was fueled with good food and confidence which made such a positive difference in all aspects of my life. I was no longer getting told how sick and skinny I was. I was getting told how great I looked. One of my fondest and amusing memories is that I went to speak with two colleagues of mine at the opposite end of the building and I had have them come back to my desk to see the problem I was dealing with and they had to take an alternate route because my butt was a distraction. HA!

I was given a system and that system worked.

It’s nearly 10yrs ago that all of this happened. I still remember the barbs and stabs from people and their off the cuff remarks at how I looked. I don’t miss it but I certainly learned some incredibly important lessons from it.

Losing body fat or gaining muscle aren’t that much different in the grand scale of things. It is still a body transformation. I’ve been there. I know how shit awful it feels to be in a body that you aren’t happy with. I know the struggles of the training and eating.

It’s bloody hard work. But you have to stick with it.

You have to constantly remind yourself of what made you snap and take action.

We have the system ready to go for you.

Have you had your snap point?

Because if you have – our program will change your life you want it to.

Do you want to join our crew and make it happen?

Contact me and take that first step!

Jon 😉


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