Shifting Gears – Learn to Drive

My morning drive – It can go one of two ways. I have a pretty awesome run and I can get to work in like 15 minutes. Or It can be ruined by people who DO. NOT. KNOW. HOW. TO. DRIVE. Ugh.

Their inability to indicate.

Oh you decided to change lanes without indicating… Oh wonderful.

Just assuming you can cut in and not even a “thank you” wave.

The idea is that we merge at 100km p/h. NOT 70. Oh but why would you notice the cavalcade of annoyed and concerned drivers.. now forced to also merge.. AS A BLOCK into traffic that is doing 100.

I could go on.. and usually do.. but there is a point to be made.

My Name Is Jon And I Will Be Your Instructor

One particular driving skill a lot of people  no longer seem to have is the ability to drive a manual. Not a necessity but it can be a somewhat problematic situation if you can’t drive and you need someone else to and they can’t drive your car because it’s manual and they suck at it or simply don’t know how.

So where am I going with this? When you start your health and fitness program I am basically the equivalent of your driving instructor – coming along to your session like driving an automatic car. The sessions are set for you, you just need to turn up and yes.. we will direct and control the session for you and you will have to do the work – Turn car on , park brake off, put accelerator foot down. It does have a certain element of autopilot.

However, it isn’t that easy. Turning up isn’t enough.. Improving your health and fitness and succeeding is more like driving a manual car and most people still approach it like an auto – and we can pretty much guess that this won’t end well.

You will stall. You will stall a lot… because just like learning to drive, getting good and proficient is how you reach your health and fitness goals.. you have to be present. You actually have to try and you have to invest time, effort and actually practice all aspects of what it takes to move forward.

There’s The Manual

When we have a new client and member who joins us at Epic Win PT, it isn’t a case of us just training you and that being that. We may only see you for what 1-3hrs a week. There are another 165 odd hours that you are left to drive yourself to success. Sure – we will definitely discuss and educate you on the topics that need immediate attention. We are here to make you succeed – BUT and this is a HUGE BUT – You are ultimately responsible and accountable for putting in the extra work outside your sessions with us. To make this easier – we created the GETTING STARTED section for all our clients. It is a tutorial to get you set up in the right frame of mind so you are prepped and organised to get the most out of your sessions.

Performance Review

A few years ago I started with a client and we got to week six and she complained that she had not lost any weight (I’d explained AD NAUSEUM that our focus was on other measurements and that body weight was just one piece of the puzzle) and that she felt like she wasn’t getting what she wanted so she wanted to just run on her treadmill at her gym (which apparently hadn’t worked in the past and let’s not forget the knee problems that resulted from it). I asked her these 5 things:

“How many food diaries have you submitted to me?”


“How many alcohol free weekends have you had since you started training?”


“How much of the members site have you looked at – and remember the site tells me when you’ve accessed course work and resources to help you”


“How many times have you rescheduled or cancelled on me because you were too tired?”


“How many times have I asked you how your eating was since I last saw you and you’ve said “oooh terrible!” 


As a PT

So in short – you’re unhappy about not making any improvements and yet you’ve made none of the changes in your life except turning up to sessions and even with this.. there were issues. I gave you small tasks to complete away from your sessions and you’ve not done any of them. So what exactly made you think you’d see some noticeable changes in 6 weeks? Our first program was to go for 12 weeks and you’re now wanting to quit half way through?

As a Uni Lecturer

You’re unhappy you failed your uni exam, didn’t turn up to your tutorials, didn’t hand in assignments and didn’t bother to turn up to all your lectures and then complaining to your teacher that you failed. Did you study? Did you perform well? No. Did you deserve to pass? No.

Or to keep to the driving theme of this article –

As A Driving Test Instructor

You’re unhappy that you drove really poorly, stalled it multiple times, fluffed the reverse park and didn’t bother indicating during a driving test and then complaining that you failed. Did you practice? No. Well then did you deserve to pass? No. Simples.

Ickyness then turned to refusing to accept that they were wrong and had to try harder. Turning up isn’t enough to pass a difficult uni exam or your driving test – the realisation that it’s exactly the same when it comes to your health and fitness; well it was apparently “totes unfair”.

Yes.. “totes”.

It’s fair to assume I never saw that client again and while it is disappointing, I can hold my head high in that I did everything correctly in terms of programming, providing information and also providing additional homework and directions in order for them to improve. Most importantly – I held them accountable – I asked every session how they were travelling with food and other things and would explain that I needed and THEY needed these homework tasks to be completed. There is only so much emotional energy we can provide and to be completely honest – I only want to expend that energy with people who want to put in the work. #truthbomb

No One Is Perfect – But You’ve Gotta Put Some Effort In

I am your trainer and I am your coach and just like a coach of a sporting team – if you aren’t performing it is my job to tell you so but even more importantly you are paying me to do my job which is about making you do yours. And if you simply can’t be bothered to fill in a food diary or turn up on time or do that 5 minute stretch session that I specifically designed so you could do it while watching Married At First Sight.. ask yourself “Do you deserve to reach your goals if you’ve done none of the small but equally important things you were instructed to do?”.

Learning to drive is hard.. learning to drive a manual is harder. Starting a fitness program is hard. Actually doing all the tiny bits as well can be hard too. But it all gets easier the more you put the effort in. We will commend you when you do and the results will show but we will also explain and provide feedback when you aren’t meeting the mark.. We’re here to get you to your goals. A Driving Test Instructor isn’t there to be your friend.. they are there to make sure you can drive so that you can pass your driving test. We are there to support you and make adjustments to your approach to health and fitness – you have to actually do them. Being friends may happen too.. but friends also tell you the truth… so be ready for that!

Jon 😉

Jon is a Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist working from his Studio EPIC WIN PT in Newmarket, Brisbane. Follow all the fun and adventures by liking the Facebook page here

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