Press Start

Well would you look at that! I’m making a geeky reference by using the old term “Press Start!” I’m so sneaky – being all video game orientated and fitness motivatory!

So – It’s a new year and odds on if you are reading this – you are probably not happy about how you look and feel. I mean – where did 2018 go? There was meant to be more time to get fit and eat better and insert whatever hashtag is trending right now (I’m trying to ruin #livingmybestlife right now <3 )

Let’s be honest – you’re not happy and you want to make shit happen in 2019. It’s time to Press Start.

But how do we start? What gets us moving? This is often the most difficult thing. Placing excuses in front of our ability to progress is far easier which I’m sure we are all familiar with.

Being Excused

Now I am sure everybody else out there has this problem – you know – making excuses. And some of those excuses are anxiety related. When I speak to a new client – there are numerous examples of what stopped them from getting started on improving their health and fitness. And while I do it with a smile and a positive, supportive approach – my way of breaking down those excuses is pretty blunt and effective

I wanted to get fitter before I started to see a PT… 
Do you wait till your car is working better before you see a mechanic? Do you wait till you are better before you go to see a Doctor? No. So let’s be clear – this excuse doesn’t cut it – at all.

I don’t like doing heavy lifting
And guess what? I don’t like getting a cannula stuck in my arm and a contrast dye injected into me that makes me feel like I’m going to piss myself every couple of months but given that I want to stay cancer free – there are some things we have to do that we may not particularly like. If it was easy – everyone would be doing it.

I don’t have the money..
This one can be a tricky one but something I like to do with people is to find out their eating habits and alas – their drinking habits. Most recently I was able to reduce a client’s grocery bill by $65 which then made it possible for her to do a 30min PT session and ALSO do our cardio classes. With change to spare. So suddenly we have the exercise AND we have the cheaper but MUCH more effective diet to facilitate it. #problemsolver indeed.

I don’t have time because I have kids
ehhhhhh *maybe*. I have a number of clients who come and they bring their kids – regardless of age. And here’s the thing. Having kids is hard work – but going back to that mechanic analogy before – you keep your car serviced and if your car DID pack it in, it would be a huge inconvenience – so what happens if you get sick or hurt your back because you neglect your own health and fitness?

Yeah – you can’t escape that one – so quit trying to 🙂

I could go on.. and you know I would.. but I Have a point to make – we all have barriers that are in front of us.

No Regrets – Unlikely

Regret is awful. There is no two ways about it. I wish I had started weight training sooner. I’d have likely found myself a LOT sooner and saved myself a lot of heartache and pain. I regret not listening to my gut and saying to the emergency peeps at the PA that something was wrong – instead I just sat quietly and let them be wrong.

Regret is a terrible experience but it is a powerful motivator. What could you be missing out on if you stay on the current course you are on? What sort of problems could you be setting yourself up for if you don’t do something now or at least soon? The number of people I have worked with who have had small niggly postural problems that were causing pain – “I wish we came and saw you sooner!” is often what I get – I can’t help but wonder about what level of discomfort and unhappiness it takes for each individual person I see. It took a bitter and horrible realisation that I was being cheated on for me to make my health and fitness a priority.. what’s it going to be for the next person?

Anxiety – The Show Stopper

Interesting fact: Running a PT business is hard work. If you see a PT who is lounging by the pool or looking super happy and relaxed like they have all the time in the world – I am generally ready to call bullshit on it. Of course you had time to go for a surf in the AM and then climb Mt Coolum and then insta post it – Good for you. You’re a PT – you work odd hours. You don’t have a 9-5 job like most people so please stop trying to convince people that life is easy and you’re living your #bestlife.

There are times I wake up and I am actually paralyzed with anxiety. I may seem fine – but I’ve got a 100 different things I am trying to juggle and my juggling is not as efficient as it should be and I know it and that just makes my anxiety about it all every worse. Are my clients doing okay? Will I have enough to pay for all my bills? Will the contractors use my booking system so I can bill them? I have 30 different things I need to consider and organise and that can stop me in my tracks

It might take me a bit but I know how to right myself on this. I remind myself to do one thing –

Wait – to be truly accurate – I need to add coffee to this image

MUCH BETTER and more realistic 

  • So what does Starting look like?
  • Take a breath
  • Write a List of the things you need to get done
  • Can’t write a list? That’s cool (for now) – just pick one thing and do it. ONE THING.

Once you do it – you will feel the euphoria of achievement and can then move onto the next thing!
Be at peace with that you can’t do everything and asking for help isn’t a crime or a failure.

Health and Fitness related? My number is 0412 522 792 OR you use our contact form make contact with us. Make the call. I don’t bite!

Jon 😉

Jon is a Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist working from his Studio EPIC WIN PT in Newmarket, Brisbane. Follow all the fun and adventures by liking the Facebook page here