Join a Gym they said — It will be fun they said

The new year  is finally here.

Personally I am most glad that 2016 is done and dusted. The body count seemed high, the world is in turmoil and yeah – that cancer thing happened. So as you can imagine, I am keen to get on with things and that’s the general vibe most people have for the new year. With new year resolutions still on the agenda, many people will have a desire to get fit and lose weight and be amazing for 2017 and hey – that is no bad thing at all.

One common resolution I hear is the “Join a Gym” one. In my younger years, I joined a gym at the start of the new year and ended up not going. TWICE. Why didn’t I go? First gym was when I was like 19 and had no idea what I was doing and was just so completely self conscious of going that.. well.. I didn’t. At $30 a week… that was a needlessly expensive year. Second gym was basically the same but it was a large corporate gym and between the membership consultant being a fake, vacuous bint who called me darl, babe and kept putting a H in my name (even after being corrected TWICE) and a personal trainer who embarrassed me by making me train in my business clothes because HE was running behind.. I did not feel comfortable or welcome. And that’s even before I realised the place was too busy at peak times to do ANYTHING.

Why do people go to gyms nowadays? In recent weeks I have been asking people why they hang onto their gym memberships and the answers when combined with their health and fitness goals have ranged from focused (yay!) to down right wasteful(awww boo!)

1. They have lots of equipment I can use!

That they do. But let’s be honest here – how much of it is actually useful? Yes yes.. I have heard how some people like getting on a treadmill. This should not be your only reason for a gym membership. Unless you have a severe safety concern with your local area.. you could be outside and using the free pavement. And biomechanically speaking – running on a treadmill often puts your correct running technique out of whack. As for the other equipment – unless you know exactly what you are doing, you could be causing mischief with your posture and other biomechanical issues and well yes – INJURY. Just because it’s there – doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

2. They have lots of classes

Probably. But how many of them are actually relevant to your health and fitness goals? Further to that, realistically how many of them would you be able to attend? Most importantly – often with these classes, you are lost in a sea of other people and your individual health and fitness requirements will not be considered. Just not going to happen. If you have a sore knee and you are in a room for 30 others who also might have a sore something else – there is no way that instructor is going to break their routine and cater for all of you.

3. They have lots of Personal Trainers

They probably do. Large gyms are usually an entry point into the industry for Personal Trainers. Young, fresh and alas often inexperienced – usually through no fault of their own. Your large corporate gyms often spruik the fact that they have so many trainers but the reality of it is that they want lots of trainers so they can collect rent from those trainers and it’s generally a given that while you might have a few trainers who are experienced, busy and doing well, you will then have the newer and more numerous trainers all scrounging for clients because there are not enough to go around. It becomes desperate and given that each trainer is often paying sometime up to $400-500 just to be there – No wonder they all set their prices so high per session. This is also why there is such a high turnover of trainers in the fitness industry.

4. Their prices are cheaper

With the rise of the 24 hour gym, the larger corporate gyms have had to get with the times and realign their prices to be competitive. Many have taken the leap and gone 24hrs themselves. The thing is that with with the larger gyms you are effectively paying for access to things that you may not even want or need. The smaller gyms are barebones and you pay for access but you rarely get guidance to make the most of your time there.

Large gyms also have a favourite type of member – The member that they never see. A member that they never see is a member that they don’t have to provide a service to which equates to money that they got for.. well.. effectively free. Oh and let’s not forget that joining fee? You know the one that often is being waived? Or if you are still on the fence, the membership consultant goes and supposedly talks to the manager but in actual fact they went to the staff room and played a round of Candy Crush Saga and then come back like they did you some huge favour by waiving it? Yeah. That joining fee.

The health and fitness industry is pretty awful at times and I vowed to make sure that my studio never had that feeling and no one would be feeling lost or not valued as a person.

So.. Why should you choose training at the Epic Win PT studio as opposed to having a gym membership?

1. We are focused and have purpose – so you can too.

When you train at Epic Win PT you come to sessions that are regimented with their times and with their purpose. When you turn up to an ICE session, not only do we know who you are, we know your requirements. You aren’t lost in a sea of clients doing a pump class where there is little chance the instructor will be able to cater to your needs. The number of horror stories I have heard of people doing gym classes and then injuring themselves? Too many.

2. We actually care.

If we haven’t seen you for a week or two, we will call you and ask if everything is okay. I want you at the studio and I want you to improve. I’m not going to lie, as a business owner I would be mortified if someone said they had been to Epic Win PT and got nothing out of it. Liam and I put so much hard work and effort into our clients that I would be very annoyed if someone said this because A) We provide excellent service and B) If you got nothing out of it – given the service and resources we make available to you, you’d ultimately have yourself to blame.

3. We can prove our value.

Yes – my weekly group training price is $5-8 more than a 24 hour gym. But for that $5-8 you get:

✔ Access to our members section full of valuable resources to help you learn and achieve your goals
✔ You get service that is above and beyond what a large corporate gym can offer. If I see you with an ache or pain or anything not right, I stop, I ask, I assess and I amend. I will generally know everyone’s fitness levels and ability and I will tailor sessions accordingly.
✔ You are being trained by experienced fitness professionals. We just didn’t step out of college. We’ve been doing this for years.
✔ You aren’t being charged any ridiculous joining fees – EVER. Because it is a bogus charge.

You aren’t paying for things you don’t need. When you do sessions with us, we have the right equipment and the right structure to help you achieve your goals. Would you prefer to pay as little as possible and have no guidance and minimal support to help you improve? Or pay that little bit extra and get what you paid for and more?

Let’s look at it this way – You could spend an average of $15 a week on a gym membership that gets you access.. but nothing else. When you put it this way, you really have to ask “Why maintain a gym membership that is unlikely to yield any significant results?


For the additional cost of a cup of coffee per week you could get access to all the training you need, all the service you require and also have set programs, goals and training regimes organised for you?

5. We have the knowledge and the experience

You are being trained by fitness professionals – ones that have been in the industry for many years. I am not some 19yr old n00b who has just entered the industry because lifting weights is easy and making people puke from over training them is cool. I’ve had the desk job, I have had 20yrs of customer service training. I’ve played sport and been fit and active for all of my life. I’ve been in a position where I hated my body and I know what it feels like to be lost and unable to get started. I’m doing this job because I love helping people and I actually give a shit.

6. Our Personal Training is the among the best around in quality and price

When it comes to discussing a clients fitness goals and we broach the topic of personal training, it is a common situation to be concerned about the cost. For Epic Win PT especially, we are one of longest standing PT studios in the Inner north Brisbane area and we have also maintained being one of the best quality for price.

The other thing to note is that for those of you who believe you are getting a great deal with your membership and then paying for a PT – Any savings you were getting on your membership is negated by the high cost of that gym based PT. You’re better off working with us as you get better service, flexibility with your sessions and much better value for money.

Now don’t get me wrong. Gyms can be great – If you know what you are doing and have trained experience and also have the self-confidence, the autonomy and focus to push and progress.
The focused have programs, a directive.. goals and were regimented with their days and times and they got in, worked hard and got out to get on with their day. Awesome. Carry on!

For those of you who wish to get started – Start properly and with a business that actually has your best interests at heart.

Jon 😉

Jon is a Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist working from his Studio EPIC WIN PT in Newmarket, Brisbane. Follow all the fun and adventures by liking the Facebook page here

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