Don Intine

53 is the NEW 25!!
Congratulations to Don on an amazing challenge.
Don has battled his weight for years. After beating colon cancer, things only deteriorated. After seeing some holiday snaps.. he SNAPPED!
Don joined up a touch late but was determined to start his transformation so rather than a 12 week challenge.. we scraped in at 10 weeks so he could still enter the MP Challenge!
✔3 FIRE Sessions a Week
✔ICE and LIA added to his program as he progressed in fitness
✔Nailed his Nutrition from the start
✔Showed amazing accountability with Food Diary Submissions
✔Had some injuries to work around and deal with but stayed focused!
??Don lost 11.9kg
?Made over 43cm in positive changes to his girth measurements.
?Lost 14cm from his belly alone!
?No longer dependent on Insulin – Seeya later Type 2 Diabetes!
?Went from size 42 to size 34 – 8 sizes!
?Now playing Hockey and showing the youngins how it’s done!
?Playing Baseball again!
The Negative
• I have lost so many cm’s that I have to buy all new suits because I can’t even have current suits altered because they are so big.
The positives!
• The most important takeaway for me is that I have worked out WHY I do what I do!
• I am alive and I am healthy!
• I am Type 2 diabetic that no longer must self-administer insulin, all in 10 weeks!!!!!!!
• I am 53 playing A grade ice hockey against 20-28 year olds and dominating in games
• I am playing baseball again and as a catcher I spend 50% of the game squatting, thank god for leg day!
• I just don’t get tired anymore, I am more productive at work and get far more done as I can focus longer.
• I certainly look better and everyone wants to know what I am doing.
• I feel good about myself and that I am a better example for my family.
?I managed to lose enough body fat to fit into a size 34 (originally a size 42).. a month ahead of schedule!

Goes to show you that when you have your eye on the prize, you will stop at nothing. And to think… we are ONLY just getting started!.