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  • Becoming a Personal Trainer is no easy journey. The industry is not geared to welcoming and supporting new trainers and is more about making money and discarding those who don't align with these cut throat, greedy approaches. EPIC WIN PT is committed to providing excellent health and fitness services to its clients but also to new trainers entering the industry. We believe that by providing support to new PTs allows us to continue our own training and education journey while lifting the standard of personal training in the health and fitness industry.

    You have recently completed your Trainer Experience with EPIC WIN PT and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. We hope that your time at our studio was a productive, informative and enjoyable experience but what truly allows a business to continue to grow and more importantly LEARN - your feedback is vital to our business improvements. This survey will provide us with the good, the bad, the ugly so please don't hold back - we want to know what you think, what we did well and what we can do better because remember - we are still learning ourselves!


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  • Your participation in this survey is very much appreciated. Your feedback is important to us and will be used to ensure we can continue to provide this valuable program.

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Video Games Getting It Right

9 April, 2018


Videogames have often get a bad rap. Often it is completely warranted.

Toxic gamers and their horrifyingly bad attitudes when playing online.

Big greedy companies like Electronic Arts (also known as EA, or THE worst gaming company ever) being greedy and awful and pushing lootboxes/microtransactions instead of pushing to make a good game.

But every now and then, a game company releases a game that is innovative, fun and has some pretty cool ideas in it. Monster Hunter World is my unlikely new favourite game but not for the reasons you think!

Food, Glorious Food

Jon 😉


Jon is a Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist working from his Studio EPIC WIN PT in Newmarket, Brisbane. Follow all the fun and adventures by liking the Facebook page here

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2017 Summer Sprint!

After an unusually warm winter (but no climate change though.. right.. right?), Summer has decided to let us know that it is chomping at the bit to unleash it’s heat themed fury upon us! The beach is sounding like THE place to hang out at in the coming months so what better way to prepare for this than to get out of that hibernation funk and get lean and healthy!


The Epic Win PT Summer Sprint is your kick in pants to get you moving towards 2018. Too many people say “Oh I will start in the new year” and then be dismayed that when they do start that they aren’t happy with their starting point. It completely makes sense to start NOW instead of months down the track. During the Summer Sprint, we provide a huge variety of sessions and challenges for all members who start with Epic Win PT!

What Do I Get?

When you join up for the Summer Sprint – you will have measurements done and goals established so that you get the most out of your sprint to 2018. As one of our Summer Sprinters, you will have access to:

  • all of our ICE and Boxing classes throughout the week!
  • the Epic Win PT Members Site
  • Measurements and Goal Setting to commence the challenge
  • Measurements and Goal assessments at the completion of the challenge
  • Access to dozens of recipes, exercises and challenges
  • The chance to win an iPad Air!

Sounds Sweet! How much do I have to pay?

As a special deal for those new to Epic Win PT – our Summer Sprint will be only $14.95 per week! That’s a 25% discount from our usual price! This is unbelievably kick arse value!

Enough chit chat! I’m ready to start!

Awesome! To get started you can call us on 0412 522 792 or send a request for contact to us HERE

Alternatively you can fill in our Client Registration Form and we will contact you to finalise the details.

Toxic Fitness

By now many of you have seen in the news in the last few days the story regarding the personal trainer who apparently trained a first time client into the hospital. The news story obviously piqued my interest what with the talk of kidney damage so of course I have something to say on the matter!

What CAN You Do?

6 December, 2016

Something I have dealt with over the years is the situation where someone might have an ache or pain.. or possibly even an injury.

“Oh no! You’re injured – you can’t train!”

wrong-advice If you sprain your ankle and you go and get it seen to, that’s fine – you need to let that injury settle and heal. The problem is that often you will be given the generic response that you won’t be able to train for X amount of weeks. This will likely set you back weeks of progress but more troubling is that this advice is such a blanket statement. If you injure your ankle and yet you can still go to work? You can still train. It certainly means that your ankle may be out of action but the rest of your body is not. I didn’t train today. Why? Not because I was too tired or not motivated enough. Quite the opposite actually. bloodtests As a general rule, you shouldn’t do heavy lifting after a blood test. As it happened I had my blood test and I also had the Contrast Dye Ct Scan for my ongoing cancer monitoring so as it eventuated both arms were out of action for the day. I make this process look good.
Draw me like one of your French girls

Draw me like one of your French girls

So while I have not been able to stick to my usual Tuesday training shenanigans, I asked myself this –

“What CAN I do?”

I determined that a really decent hip mobility stretching session was perfect. Chest and Shoulder day can wait till tomorrow. Not only that, I was able to do some meal prep also. Delicious prep1 My lack of training was not a waste of a day. If anything, I was able to complete two health and fitness related tasks in the time I had allocated. Another great example is Don. Don has shown such AMAZING determination during his 12 week challenge. beforeaftersidedon His eating habits have done a 180 and given the body fat he has lost – you can certainly see why. One thing that I have been so proud of Don for is that he has not let anything get in his way. Recently during one of his Ice Hockey nights, he had a tumble and landed awkwardly on his shoulder. It has been sore for a while now and from what we have deduced, he niggled one of the Bursas in his shoulder. Changing your body and your health for the better isn’t all hinged on your training. It is a symphony of opportunities to make it all happen. Of course, be sensible about it.

If you are sick as a dog and vomiting.. what you CAN do is listen to your body, eat well and REST.

If you have a slight niggle in your knee – talk to us and we can definitely work around it PLUS we will likely help you resolve the problem

If you have rolled your ankle and it feels a bit dodgy… still talk with us and we can offer a work around to ensure it recovers but your training progress does not suffer.

I say this not to be mean but to put things into perspective. Your sore toe may indeed be sore.. but this guy managed to train without a freakin leg.

bodybuilder1 Perspective is often the best motivator.

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  • This agreement is made between Epic Win PT and you, the client.

    During your exercise program, every effort will be made to assure your safety. However, as with any exercise program, there are risks, including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries. Part of your program will also include fitness testing which will enable a better assessment of your current fitness levels and provide a bench mark against normative tables to assist in setting realistic goals. By volunteering to participate in this program, you agree to assume the responsibility for these risks and waive any liability against EPIC WIN PT for personal damage.

    Clearance from a medical practitioner is recommended (but not a requirement) for:

     All participants with any limiting physical conditions or disabilities or a history of medical conditions (as indicated in your lifestyle screening and pre exercise questionnaire forms, which must be completed prior to signing this agreement.)

     All men aged 45 and over and all women aged 55 and over

     If you fall into these categories and have not gained an examination prior to exercise, by signing this form you acknowledge that you are aware of this recommendation and its importance.

    By signing below you accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being whilst participating in your exercise program with EPIC WIN PT. You acknowledge and understand that no responsibility is assumed by the personal trainer or EPIC WIN PT in regards to any injuries resulting from participation in this training program. It is recommended that all program participants work with their personal trainer three times per week. However due to scheduling conflicts and financial considerations a combination of supervised and unsupervised workouts are possible.


    1. Personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or cancelled 24 hours in advance may result in forfeiture of the session and a loss of the financial investment at the rate of one session.

    2. Personal training clients arriving late will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with our personal trainer.

    3. The expiration policy requires completion of all personal training sessions within 6 months from date of payment. Sessions are void after this time period.

    4. No personal training refunds will be issued without the authorization from management, including but not limited to relocation and unused sessions.

    5. Payments for individual and group personal training session packages are required upfront.

    6. Payment options include: cheque, cash or direct deposit.


    1. Clients are required to book their place in all scheduled sessions to enable time to plan suitable sessions for each group and also ensure adequate equipment is brought for all participants.

    2. It is recommended that class passes be pre purchased to avoid transactions prior to each session.

    3. No refunds will be issued for any reason, including but not limited to relocation and unused sessions/classes.

    4. All participants must sign this agreement form and a pre exercise questionnaire prior to participation.