12 Week Challenge

Pretty fair to say that we’re all pleased to see the back of 2020. But 2021 really wasn’t much better, was it? 


All that is behind us now as 2022 is upon us!

It’s time to claw back what we lost (or gained) and/or break new ground with our health and fitness!

We would LOVE to have you along for our 2022 EPIC 12 Week Challenge!

  • – Have access to dozens of healthy, easy to make recipes!
  • – Hundreds of Epic Challenges to participate in!
  • – Support from the Epic Win PT Training Team and our amazing community!

There is so much confusing and questionable information out there in the fitness world. Our role is to give clarity and address where you’ve got it wrong in the past and how to set you up for a clear path to success. Our unique online set up provides structure for daily and WEEKLY motivation that no diet or exercise program ever could.

Sounding good? Awesome – it gets better!

The Epic Win PT Challenges are perpetual.  Each 12 week program is about creating the foundation for even greater success in the next program. In fact, clients who have completed multiple back to back programs yield better results, with less effort! It’s all about learning it, living it and loving it!

During this challenge, you will eat lots of delicious food in order  to achieve an amazing result you can keep – There are NO starvation diets nor do we encourage you to spend hours of monotony running on a treadmill.

You will have access to a set structure that is fun, diverse and easy to follow.

Even when your goals change, our challenge can be adjusted to suit. That’s why our 12 Week Fitness Challenge is so effective  – achieve the body you want and learn how to maintain it.

The 12 Week Fitness Challenge 

Jon, Liam and Shayla have a combined training experience of over 20 years. We have transformed ourselves and many others. Jon has fended off aggressive kidney cancer – if you need a team of specialists in your corner to help you fight the good fight – you’re in the right place.

The Epic Win PT 12 Week Fitness Challenges are unique. It’s about working out what is the optimum way of achieving your health and fitness and methodically applying these principles step by step so that it doesn’t feel like a chore or that it is simply too overwhelming.

  •  – A week by week set up so that it never feels daunting or overwhelming!
  • – Get the right type & amount of exercise to speed results!
  • – Tailored Programs that are perfect for you!
  • – No money grabbing gimmicky, expensive supplements
  • – Learn about food and how to make it work for you!
  • – Over 600 unique challenges – there are bound to be challenges right for you!
  • – No conflicting information, just a solid, consistent EASY TO FOLLOW process that will yield realistic results!

What do I receive?


At Epic Win PT – we want you to enjoy your food so don’t expect any lame and misleading detox diets or only eating lettuce leaves for a meal. Our Member Site has dozens of easy to make recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Added in for good measure, we provide lots of tips, tricks and preparation “life hacks” that will make your time in the kitchen a far more enjoyable and productive one.

Healthy food is an investment so it’s important to show you how to make delicious and healthy meals a pleasure, not a a soul destroying chore.

The Epic Win PT Members Site

A true labour of love, our members section is brimming with delicious recipes, exercise information, articles and challenges to help you reach your goal.
Our site is thoughtfully set out so you can really learn all about your own health and fitness and get the most out of your training.

A Genuine Expert to Guide & Support

Many programs will train you but then when the session is over, you are left to your own devices. At Epic Win PT – we don’t believe in training you for 90 minutes a week and leaving you to fend for youself, not knowing what other things you need to do in order to achieve your goals. We will coach you and provide you with weekly tasks that are about setting you up to get the most out of our program! We offer the complete process!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn…

  • -Learn super quick meals that only take 3 minutes to make!
  • – Find out how to cook for health, performance & fat loss all at once!!
  • – Discover the Easy, Nutritious, Very Yummy Meals – ENVY MEALS
  • – Nutrition Timing: How to eat the food you want!
  • – Meal prep like a pro! Learn the tips and tricks to make meal preparation a breeze!
  • – Introduce food that your whole family will want in on!

Structure, accountability & a big dose of realistic, HELPFUL motivation – the key ingredients for an epic transformation!









How does the 12 Week Challenge work?

  • To give back to our local community, we are offering the 12 Week Challenge at no additional cost to your chosen package deal!
  • Looking to speed up your improvements and results with online PT session as well as our online group classes? Perfect! Only looking to participate in the cardio classes? Totally fine!
  • Gain access to our member site and start learning new healthy recipes that are geared towards fat loss.
  • Our program is released to you week by week so it is easy to follow and keep on track! Learn, support and inspire as we put our knowledge and new skills into practice!
  • Complete your 12 weeks and reap the rewards of your new health and fitness outlook!
  • This program CAN change your life in 12 weeks!
  • Sign up NOW to secure your place
  • Are you ready for a life-changing experience of the Epic 12 Week Challenge?