Summer Sprint

We know the drill.

It’s Spring and the weather starts getting glorious and people start thinking “Oh! It’s not cold anymore! I should actually go outside!”

Then there is that unfortunate yet common realization of “Uh oh.. looks like I ate a bit too much and my warm weather clothes are a bit snug or no longer fit! DISASTER!”

It’s common for people to feel like the poor doggo above also.

It’s now becoming all too concerning with how many people are just flat out unhappy with their body and how they feel.

There is no ignoring it – SUMMER IS COMING and most people are not ready for it.

That’s where our SUMMER SPRINT Challenge comes in!

What’s It All About?

The Epic Win PT SUMMER SPRINT CHALLENGE is your proverbial kick up the backside to get you ready for the new year. The number of people who regret how they end their year is staggering and and when you consider how many people set a New Years Resolution with the admission of “I wish I started to exercise sooner” – you would think more people would get in sooner rather than later. The Epic Win PT Summer Sprint is all about changing that.

Start now and be in a better position when the new year comes.

What do I receive?

It doesn’t matter if you are a 1st time exerciser or a seasoned veteran of the gym – when you sign onto our Summer Sprint, you get the resources, skills, systems and support to get you in the best possible shape to start the new year.

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