WTF 2020?

30 March, 2020

Pretty sure, we are all asking ourselves "Who upset 2020?" This year has been.. ummm.. challenging and it hasn't even truly gotten started.

So we are in the middle of a pandemic. Not needed. Not asked for. 1 Star - Would definitely NOT recommend if I could google review this situation.

Lockdown is immiment and our economy, our health system and our very lives are now being tested in terms of how we navigate our way through the rest 2020.

Yes - it sucks for many of us.. but we have to find a way to keep moving and while we may not be able to train face to face.. we have gone online and so far - it's lots of fun!

If You Have the Will - We Have The Way

Something that has always bothered me in Personal Training land is how many trainers are lured to being "online only" trainers and when you then look at their social media accounts - it's just pictures of them looking like their life is amazing and they have all the time in the world to be photographed being mid-step down a flight of stairs with their quads flexed. I guess to the general public - it may not look bad but when you've been in this industry for over a decade, this sort of fake rubbish is what contributes to body image issues, anxiety and false expectations towards what is "living your best life".


We are now living in a world that we cannot for the moment; connect with our co-workers, friends and relatives in a physical sense and as we progress through lockdown (it's coming.. as to when - it depends when our happy clapper, coal-fondling PM decides to get with the prorgam) we are going to get bored, fidgety and we will yearn for contact from the people we care about. Epic Win PT has adhered to the requirements of the QLD government and kept our sessions available to those who still wanted to attend but we need to now shift our focus to an online-format so that we can continue to provide our unique, fun and challenging sessions to our clients.

Zooming it

When it became apparent that we were going to need to go online, we did some research for ideal, user-friendly video-conferencing software. In terms of one on one PT work - We've found that there are a few different platforms that are helpful (Messenger and Facetime being two popular options) but for our group sessions, Zoom has been the best and most dynamic software platform to run our group fitness sessions.

While I love face to face PT and group sessions, our world has been turned upside down for the foreseeable future. It is not a reason to stop exercising and eating healthy. It's a curveball but we can still hit it out of the park! We are still training people and we are doing it with a level of commitment and quality that is second to none!

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Making the decision to change is hard work, we get it. If it was easy - everyone would be doing it. It's important to remember that we are here to help you get things started and show you the fastest, safest and best way towards improving your health and fitness.

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