Moving from a commercial gym to Epic Win was the best decision, the geeky, fun and supportive atmosphere is great and they definitely help you reach your goals!

Liam and Jon made training fun, I was constantly challenged in new and exciting ways every week. This meant that not only did I never get bored but exercise had finally become fun and enjoyable…even when I was collapsed in a pool of sweat. The fact that I was having fun and pushing my body to the limit in so many different ways meant I was always improving, there were no plateau’s at Epic Win.

Working out here became my therapy!! Honestly! I work a very demanding and high stress job, some days I’d rock up tired, grumpy and wanting Liam to go easy on me. By the end of the session I had forgotten how grumpy I was, I had energy and the satisfaction of knowing I just put 100% into my workout. Most of all I was happy, I always walked out of there with a giant smile on my face!

I truly miss working out at Epic Win PT! I moved overseas and I’m at a new commercial gym now, I put my headphones in, don’t look at anyone and feel the judgey eyes all around me as girls in crop tops and make up chat with buff guys in muscle tees who only do bicep curls and forget leg day. I miss Epic Win PT because I never felt too stupid to try a new exercise, I never felt judged for how I looked or how incredibly sweaty I got. It was a safe zone of geeky encouragement.


PT Client