Liam Donovan

Liam Donovan

Personal Trainer


Cert III Fitness – Gym Instructor
Cert IV Fitness – Personal Trainer
Senior & Advanced First Aid Certificates


Motivate to Train (lvl 2) Boot camp Trainer
Punch Fit (lvl 1 Trainer)
Functional Strength & Conditioning


Health is Without a doubt the most important aspect of our lives. Our bodies are after all what we have to live in, how we feel, how much energy we have and even our moods and confidence levels are directly associated with the lifestyle decisions we make. We may have the best intentions to be healthy however in today’s rushed time poor lives health sometimes takes a second priority since it “takes too long to cook a proper meal” or “There’s not enough hours in the day to invest in a proper exercise routine” leading us to become stressed, crave comfort foods. The cycle goes on!
My goal as a trainer is to help put Health and Fitness back in its rightful place as the number one priority, Whether you are trying to lose those extra few kilos for a special occasion, or trying to maximize your Fitness to feel on top of the world or simply need some help with nutrition we can make it happen! My clients will always be my number one priority and being apart of their health journey and getting to know them is something I really enjoy. Through small steps in nutrition and a dedicated workout plan I know once you take the first step you will never look back! So come join the team, together we will make change happen!
“Every journey begins with a single step, but you’ll never finish if you don’t start”