Pokémon GO – 10 reasons why it’s actually AWESOME

It’s no secret that Pokémon has taken over in the last week or so. If you haven’t heard people talking about it, you may have noticed people out and about looking intently at their phones. If you haven’t been aware of this latest craze.. well time to come out from under the rock you have been hiding under.

Pokémon has been around for decades in the form of trading cards, cartoons, movies and video games but it is this newest video game incarnation that has really got people involved for all the right reasons.
NOW. Let’s get this over with. There a lots of negative Nancy’s out there who insist that they hate it and that it is terrible and that it’s stupid and they won’t play it because it’s a fake game and it’s terrible and it promotes gambling and is the worst and is dangerous and caused that pile up on a highway and dead bodies and and and.. stuff!Yeah – that’s what you sound like.Here are 3 memes that sum it up.

So you don’t like games or other people getting involved in something? Well then…

But onto my list!!! Why is Pokémon GO awesome? Here we go!

1. Vitamin D

I was recently out in Canungra having a nice relaxing weekend.. which ended up getting rain upon.. BUT for a brief period on the Sunday while we were enjoying Lunchfest and a Coffee – we saw the sun come out. We saw that a lure had been placed on a memorial park and during that 30 minutes of lure action and combined with some lovely sunlight – we saw people out and about walking around playing the game. Getting out and going for a walk during the day allows Pokémon Trainers access to some Vitamin D which is acquired from the sun. As per the Cancer Council Australia, “exposure to small amounts of sunlight is also essential to good health.” Avoiding the midday sun is best but venturing out outside this time for 5-10min can assist with getting some Vitamin D! Wear a hat though! 😀

Getting some rays but these terrible people are Team Mystics. They have no place here! Begone from my local gym!

2. Helps Mental Health

There are increasing reports of Pokémon GO that is helping people with mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, Agoraphobia.. the game has given some people new energy to help them through their days.. hell it has given them energy to attempt their day. This is pretty amazing and really should be considered as such a positive thing for anyone who may struggle and those who may not.

3. Be Social

When the game first arrived on the scene. People sheepishly patrolled the streets and looked obviously embarrassed that they were out looking for a Clefairy amongst a sea of god awful Zubats. A week in and people are a bit more talky with each other. I have had some very light hearted and enjoyable conversations with randoms I have met at Pokéstops and gyms. Being social is a good thing!

Being social with fellow Pokémon GO players is unlikely to be as scary as Aphex Twin. Go on.. say hello to your fellow players! If they look like the above though. Run. Run ever so fast.

4. Incidental Exercise

IN the first week of me having Pokémon GO – I racked up 10km of walking that was from me walking the block a few times and generally hunting for Pokémon. One the ladies from work also accompanied me on these trips. That’s 10km I would not have done otherwise. The number of kids who now volunteer to walk the dog has increased. The number of husbands who just have to take something out the rubbish has also increased. I have no shame in saying that I’m going out looking for Pokémon. At 10pm. In my PJs. Don’t bother judging me. I’m beyond help.

5. Games improve cognitive ability and problem solving

Video games have been given a bad wrap over the years and yes there are controversial games out there – Pokémon GO is not one of them. While Pokémon GO is not about to solve world famine, it does have it’s benefits in improving the user’s attention span, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. There are tactics in this game. Simply collecting Pokémon is just the surface and if you want to be the very best.. you have to get serious and start using your noggin!

Mad skills with the flick of a thumb. There’s more than meets the eye in playing games!

6. Stress relief

Playing games can indeed be a form of stress relief. Some games like the Fatal Frame series are not stress relief. They are scary and awful and I love them for it. Back to Pokémon GO – this game is a nice break from reality and diverting your thoughts to a welcome distraction can help ease stress.

7. Increase level of fitness for more sedentary folk

Let’s be clear here – there are people who do no real exercise. As in close to none. Maybe walking up a flight of stairs one day might be the most they do other than commuting between the fridge, the lounge and the toilet. Scary I know but here is Pokémon GO encouraging these people to get up and search for Pokémon and MOVE. On the very first weekend of the games release, I was driving along and I saw quite a large young man who, based on his attire, lack of neck shaving skills and his bouncy gate, probably didn’t get out much. If at all. And there he was loving every moment of his Pokémon hunt. This warmed my cold and dead heart.

8. Take a break – a real one!

So many of us smash out a huge number of hours at work. I remember my previous desk job where I would eat my lunch at my desk because I felt I had to get that last customer complaint completed.. so I would neglect the all important break that I was entitled to and SHOULD have taken. Taking a break from work is vital for your sanity and your health. Just don’t be taking too many – you aren’t paid to play on your phone!

9. Enjoyment –

Other than laughing that the plethora of memes that have popped up about Pokemon.. the game is fun and enjoyable. Given the stuff that is happening in the world right now.. I think we all are entitled to some enjoyment.

10. Walk the dog with new purpose!

You aren’t the only one who can enjoy this new found energy to go randomly walking around the ‘burbs. If you have a dog – take him/her with you! Our Wallace and Cordelia have *loved* the additional time out pounding the pavement in search of new Pokémon. We have made peace with the fact that we are likely only to catch freakin’ Zubats all the time but hey.. we are just grinding for XP.

Speaking of grinding… This completely wrecked me considering the number of Zubats I have transferred.

Jon 😉

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