Online Training

Okay – So Coronavirus has decided to alter society as we know it. But that’s not a reason to stop EVERYTHING!

We’re a resourceful bunch when we need to be and that’s why Epic Win PT is now using ZOOM to help us all stay fit and healthy to help those who are in ICE-O-LATION!

Yeah – It’s a bad joke but that’s about the only bad thing about our sessions! We have a fantastic community already enjoying the challenges and sessions we conjure up but we have room for you and plenty more!



Personal Training Is Now Online Too!

We are currently using ZOOM and also Facebook Messenger for our Personal Training sessions for those clients who need to stay at home! Your sessions are tailored to your goals, current fitness levels and the equipment you have at ayour disposal! The feedback we’ve had from our clients so far is fantastic too!














We know and can relate to how challenging this pandemic is. It has been a huge impact to the community and the effects will be felt for years to come. Keeping fit and active is so integral to your overall physical AND mental health! If you’re interested in having a go at one of our classes – be our guest at no charge 🙂 We are happy to offer you a complimentary session so you can dip your proverbial toe in!

To have a go, we will need you to complete our client registration form so we have your basic medical details so we can ensure the session is safe and geared to your health and fitness levels.

You can fill this form out HERE!