Personal Training Client

“This time last year I was sad, angry, unhealthy and just in a bad place in all areas of my life. I remember meeting Jon for the first time and he simply asked me: “What do you want to achieve?”. I started to cry and in between tears, I said in a small voice: “I just want to be happier”…

Liam taking my personal training sessions, helped me overcome more than just my physical health goals. He was there when I needed someone to listen and support me through some of my darkest moments.

Gentlemen, I cannot thank you enough for being such supportive and strong people in my life, for messaging me when I’d fall off the bandwagon or just seeing how I was going. I am such a positive, healthy and blissful person in all areas of my life and have overcome so much with the support of Jon and Liam, thank you

“Nothing is more satisfying than becoming the best you possible ? Gaining self love and losing over 18kgs along the way!”

Madison, you continue to amaze us. Don’t ever stop!!


Shanna Before