Kristy W

Personal Training Client

Kristy is one of those people who sets a goal and quietly but effectively works away at it while being an inspiration to us all. Kristy has been with us for a number of years but decided to give personal training a go for 2019 after the birth of her adorable twin boys. Over the year, Kristy has lost 10kg and over 70cm from all over her body. Her dedication all while being an amazing mum and wife to 3 young kids and husband - you do have to ask what magic Kristy is conjuring to make it all work!

Kristy stuck to her program and managed the following impressive results:

  • 70cm GONE
  • 3% Body Fat GONE
  • 2.82kg Muscle GAIN
  • More Energy
  • Improved outlook regarding food

"I was so proud of myself for reaching this milestone thanks to the awesome guys at Epic Win PT, husband Matthew, my gorgeous boys and friends who even if they know they have or not inspired me to get this far. This may not be large to some but for me this was me saying "yes! I can do this!" Personally, after having the twins although birth is a beautiful thing I was not happy with my appearance or how I felt. I started this journey early this year coming from a low place and each week I have pushed myself to try and become a healthier, happier me not only for myself but for Matt and the boys. I only share this so that to anyone who has been in the same place out there sees this they know that its ok to feel these feelings after birth. You still love your children you just need time for you. Take the time and listen to yourself."

Well done to you Kristy and thank you so much for allowing us to help you on this fitness journey! You are seriously an amazing human!!!