Online Client

Jase contacted Jon through Facebook asking for some advice as he had just joined a gym and wasn't sure he had been given a program that was relevant to him and was given little guidance in terms of how to use the equipment at the gym. Jase sees Jon every 6-8 weeks for progress and program updates. Jase also had a goal of getting ready for his wedding and really kicked his body fat loss into gear. He has done a fantastic job in improving his health and fitness while also losing 15kg in his time with Epic Win PT

Jase stuck to his program and managed the following impressive results:

  • 85cm GONE
  • 8% Body Fat GONE
  • 15kg of Body Weight GONE
  • More Energy
  • Newfound respect for cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved outlook regarding food
  • MARRIED! W00t!


Such a impressive result and the transformation is still underway! Thank you so much for placing your trust in us, Jase - you're the bestest!

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