ICE Classes

The cornerstone of I.C.E. training is structuring high intensity intervals into your training session. Intensity levels are relative to the individual which makes it suitable for almost all fitness levels and abilities. Research has proven that 20 minutes of structured bursts of maximum effort workloads can burn up to three times the amount of fat compared to steady state cardio lasting up to 40 minutes!

Key points to focus on in your I.C.E. training sessions include:

– Focus on intensity, not duration (15-30 minutes is all it takes)

– Use a variety of effort levels to frequently exceed energy production thresholds.

– Perform varied workouts, activity, duration, and work intervals.

– Challenge yourself and practice activities you are not good at – you will burn more calories.





At EPIC WIN PT, you can expect:

– Our I.C.E. sessions to run all year round (excluding holidays)

– A wide range of exercise challenges that will push you to your limits.

– Morning, evening and weekend sessions available means that there is a session to suit everybody’s timetable.

– Small group training numbers that never exceed 20 people in a group.

– Support, motivation and technical instruction from an expert with over 10 years experience.

– One week free training before you sign up.

Group Fitness Timetable