Epic Transformer Challenge


What Is The Epic Transformer Challenge?

The Epic Transformer Challenge is a science-based and motivating body transformation method.

  • Forget being hungry – You will have access to loads of delicious recipes!
  • Less is MORE – Exercise for only a few hours per week!
  • Work towards the body you’ve always dreamed of!
  • The Epic Transformer course will show you the way to a better life!

One of the biggest problems people have when attempting to change their body is that there is too much guess work. At Epic Win PT, we give you clear direction in how to make the changes necessary to achieve your health and fitness goals. Our 12 Week Transformer Challenge is about helping you identify areas where you may have gone wrong in the past and then showing you the right way to achieve success. Our challenge will provide you with support and most importantly the structure needed to make changes into a sustainable lifestyle.

But that’s not all!

Our approach is that we want to teach you techniques and strategies that you will implement into your daily life that will make things easier. We run challenges – yes BUT our ultimate goal is to instill behaviours towards exercise and nutrition so that you can do it all year round.

Our methods are research proven and not only that, they are flexible in their application so that regardless of your goals, we can tailor a plan specific to your individual needs.

Combined with our yearly Epic Challenges competition and our Epic Members Section, we have meticulously planned out a path for you to embark upon where you can succeed – providing you put the work in!

Jon and Liam are highly skilled transformation specialists and are genuinely committed to your success but we also need your commitment too! 🙂

When you take on our Epic 12 Week Transformer challenge, we set it out so success is so much easier to achieve –

  • Determine your Health and Fitness pathways to fast track success!
  • You will be given the right type & volume of exercise to get you results quickly and safely.
  • You will be given an individualized plan that is all about you and YOUR goals!
  • We ensure that you are given the right information regarding supplements and if they are in fact something you actually need.
  • Counting calories? Pretty sure you have better things to do. Let us take the guess work out!
  • Speaking of having things to do – we know you are busy, we are too. Let us set up a program that is easy to follow and doesn’t cut into your valuable work/life balance.
  • Guess work is for chumps. Your time and money is not to be wasted. Let us provide you with the correct information first.

What do I receive?

When you sign on to the Epic 12 Week Transformer Challenge you get the resources, skills, systems and support vital for your success!

The Epic Win PT Members Section

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