Catherine G.

GYM, the mere word conjures up horrifying images. Me in a room full of slim , toned bodies in the latest brand of colourful body hugging lycra. HORRORS OF HORRORS. As a 50 something I had to admit I had never gymmed before but had decided I needed to invest in my body to improve my quality of life in later years. I wanted someone to take me on a baby step journey where I did not seize up after each session. I found that and so much more in Jon as I have achieved more than I ever thought possible and now really look forward to our sessions as the music is great and we have such a laugh. It is fun and the spin off is I feel so much better. My sincere and grateful thanks to you, Jon, for your encouragement, patience and fantastic sense of humour which I look forward to 2011 with anticipation. By the way I still wear baggy chic.