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Be Bold. Be Impressive. Exceed The Ordinary...

So what is EPIC WIN PT all about? Well here’s the low down. EPIC WIN PT was established for people who want real results and would like to be trained by someone who is a real, properly qualified PT who has an actual personality! We are all about ensuring that your sessions with EPIC WIN PT are educational and productive all the while being thoroughly entertaining to all involved.

You've Tried the Rest - Now Work With The BEST!

The fitness industry is currently saturated with plastic and superficial imagery which creates unrealistic expectations for our society. Common feedback from everyday people is that they are turned off getting fit due to the attitudes and behaviours of members of the fitness industry. Pushy member consultants and insulting sales techniques are rife and ultimately scaring people away. Terribly sorry, fitness industry but your current rating is EPIC FAIL.

EPIC WIN PT is about assisting you to achieve that goal you have been striving for and having a support network with you along the way to ensure you make it. We are committed to providing you a service that is approachable, informative and one that you can trust. One of our favourite phrases is “Telling it like it is – Back for an unlimited time only!” You want to lose 5kg a week? Sorry. Not going to happen. We would like our weight loss clients to lose weight safely and consistently. You want to put on 10kg of muscle in 5 weeks and be shredded? Hmm well while those internet and TV ads are pretty inspiring, they are completely unrealistic.

We will provide you with the genuine coaching and support you need to make changes in your lifestyle, be it food habits or incidental exercise suggestions. EPIC WIN PT is all about being bold, impressive and exceeding the ordinary. We would love for you to be a part of that vision and partake in our adventures of fun, challenges and epic wins.

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