9 Things People Say That Do My Head In

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I really do. I get to help people. I get to do it in a way that I believe in and I get to have a LOT of fun doing it. And with Summer on it’s way, it’s great that we are getting new clients in to start their health and fitness journey. Often this is where things get.. well.. challenging.

You might see me press my hands together while I discuss certain topics. This is supposedly me containing the fiery rage and frustrations of a thousand suns. It’s apparently HILARIOUS to witness… and completely exaggerated and overly-dramatized by certain people… not mentioning any names.. OWEN. I’ve only watched the Notebook once and I was a bit meh about it but this scene often rings so true.

I welcome questions and I do enjoy helping people understand the processes we use in order to achieve their goals. Below are 9 of my “favourite” statements that I work towards debunking.

1. “I don’t want to get muscle-bound, I just want tone”


Asking for tone but no muscle is like saying you want a boat but you don’t want a hull. Tone is seeing definition. As in – seeing muscle. So if you have no muscle, you won’t have tone. You will just have saggy skin and that will likely upset you as well. To see muscle and thus TONE, you will need to lose body fat. YES. Doing cardio can aid in body fat loss, but it is unlikely to give you the firm physique you are envisioning. It makes sense to grow muscle which will increase your metabolism which will then assist with burning body fat.

2. “If I do weight training I will gain weight”


The scales are but one VERY small piece of data. It’s time to get off the scales and back away. If you gain muscle and lose body fat, you are actually heading directly towards your goal. You are building a body that will enjoy long term benefits. Stop caring what the scales say and let me worry about what they say – WHICH ISN’T MUCH.

3. “I want to lose weight so I won’t eat before training”

You have a meeting on the Gold Coast and you have an hour to get there in a car that has no fuel in it. Will you get there? Possibly but it won’t be pretty. Your trying to starve yourself towards your goal isn’t helping me and it sure as hell ain’t helping you. You can starve yourself and then train terribly on your own. You are seeing a PT in order to get results and to improve – not to just do your own thing against the specific instructions of your PT.

4. “But I don’t want to get huge muscles”


See this picture? You’re worried you will look like her? Disregarding the fact that I think this image is MAJORLY photoshopped and thus not real – this woman would have had to train for years and would have been doing some serious supplementation and likely other “stuff” to look like this and you’re worried that doing maybe 2-3 weight sessions a week is going turn you into this? Yeah. No. For women, you are SEVERELY unlikely to develop large “I can’t walk through a door properly” muscles. Men develop larger muscles due to their different hormone production. This is a “fetch” statement. Stop making it a thing.

5. “I don’t want to lift heavy weights”

So.. you want this body shape and look… but you don’t want to do the work they did to achieve that body? girls who lift

These ladies would have been doing deadlifts, squats, lat pull downs and bench press. They would have lifted heavy. So you want XYZ but you aren’t prepared to start at ABC? How does that work?

6. Halfway through a set with a surprised and annoyed tone “This is really heavy!”

Captain Obvious

Well thanks for tuning in Captain Obvious! We’re lifting heavy because we are trying to grow that muscle so we can have tone. You won’t have the tone you want with out the heavy lift. I can assure you, 30 seconds of heavy lifting compared to slowing your progress down on a treadmill is very much worth the challenge and exertion of lifting something!

7. Upon asking how someone’s eating has been and being told “Ohhh not good” for the 3rd week in a row with no improvements made

Life happens. I get it and when you first start up, changing habits can be challenging. But not impossible. That is why we encourage small changes. 3 weeks is ample time to tweak some small habits.

8. “I don’t eat so well because I have to eat what my family eats”

Allow me to show you a situation where you are effectively railroaded into eating.

strawHave I made my point clear enough?why2

The good news is that the food we suggest and recommend isn’t horrible, tasteless food. They’re what I call Easy, Nutritious VERY Yummy Meals.. or ENVY Meals. We don’t ask you to survive on rabbit food. Numerous recipes we list in our members section take less than 5 minutes to make. Ideally we would like your whole family to take the step towards a healthier but if there is some resistance there, the meals we suggest are still very easily made and then stored for your own consumption. I dare say sucks to be your family though.. BUT that is why they are called ENVY meals.. they will indeed be envious of your yummy meals! 😀

9. “I’m usually too tired to train”

Yeah we all get tired. Having a healthy sleep routine is important but if you haven’t eaten well during the day – that tiredness is very likely to be amplified. Allow me to show you a picture of someone who not 5 minutes prior had said they were too tired and sore to get out of bed.


Believe me, I know what tired, sore and feeling terrible is like and please excuse my using my cancer battle as a blunt object but what I am getting at is bang on accurate. It’s about being focused and legitimately wanting to get better. When you hire me as your PT – you have to be serious about wanting to solve the problem that walked you through our door. You don’t go to the doctor and only maybe want to be helped. Seeing me is no different and you see me for only a few hours a week. The rest is up to you and with our guidance and support – it is possible. So there you have it! My 9 things that send my proverbial hackle upwards! Thankfully all are 1st world problem based and things I am all about fixing. Thankfully I’m not a fixer not Christopher Pyne (THAT WOULD BE AWFUL) and I actually have your best interests at heart!

Jon 😉

Jon is a Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist working from his Studio EPIC WIN PT in Newmarket, Brisbane. Follow all the fun and adventures by liking the Facebook page here

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