2017 Summer Sprint!

After an unusually warm winter (but no climate change though.. right.. right?), Summer has decided to let us know that it is chomping at the bit to unleash it’s heat themed fury upon us! The beach is sounding like THE place to hang out at in the coming months so what better way to prepare for this than to get out of that hibernation funk and get lean and healthy!


The Epic Win PT Summer Sprint is your kick in pants to get you moving towards 2018. Too many people say “Oh I will start in the new year” and then be dismayed that when they do start that they aren’t happy with their starting point. It completely makes sense to start NOW instead of months down the track. During the Summer Sprint, we provide a huge variety of sessions and challenges for all members who start with Epic Win PT!

What Do I Get?

When you join up for the Summer Sprint – you will have measurements done and goals established so that you get the most out of your sprint to 2018. As one of our Summer Sprinters, you will have access to:

  • all of our ICE and Boxing classes throughout the week!
  • the Epic Win PT Members Site
  • Measurements and Goal Setting to commence the challenge
  • Measurements and Goal assessments at the completion of the challenge
  • Access to dozens of recipes, exercises and challenges
  • The chance to win an iPad Air!

Sounds Sweet! How much do I have to pay?

As a special deal for those new to Epic Win PT – our Summer Sprint will be only $14.95 per week! That’s a 25% discount from our usual price! This is unbelievably kick arse value!

Enough chit chat! I’m ready to start!

Awesome! To get started you can call us on 0412 522 792 or send a request for contact to us HERE

Alternatively you can fill in our Client Registration Form and we will contact you to finalise the details.