Transforming your body is hard work and hard work deserves recognition. Our Epic Challenges allow you to work towards your goals and unlock challenges and achievements along the way. Ranging from push ups to reorganizing the pantry – points equal reward and progress!


Our trainers are highly skilled and qualified to support you with your health and fitness. Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Rehabilitation, Postural Corrections – you will be provided only the best education, service and care that you deserve. We are here to help!


Our service to our clients doesn’t end when you finish your session. Epic Win PT Members are provided access to our Epic Resource Centre. Recipes, Exercises, Programs and Nutritional Education to ensure you are supported, educated and accountable at all times!


Epic win PT runs a multitude of classes every week to suit our clients and their goals. Ranging from Cardio classes to rehabilitation sessions and regardless of your current fitness levels – There’s a session to help you reach your health and fitness destination!

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2016 Summer Sprint!

With scorching hot beach days and loud, crackling afternoon storms – SUMMER IS COMING.

Many of our Transformer Team Members have been diligently working their butts off to be in the best possible shape for the year to come. The race to year’s end is called the SUMMER SPRINT!


Homework – Don’t Let The Dog Eat It!

Doing your homework when you don’t want to is a bit like pushing Donald Trump down a flight of stairs. It’s ugly, it’s a pain but you did it for the greater good and you’re glad you did it once it’s done.


When Everything Changes

Same time last week my life was about my business and catching Pokemon. I was focused and excited about the next block of training that my clients and I were about to tackle.

Tomorrow morning, I will head to the hospital and get ready to tackle the rest of my life as a Cancer Conqueror.


Pokémon GO – 10 reasons why it’s actually AWESOME

It’s no secret that Pokémon has taken over in the last week or so. If you haven’t heard people talking about it, you may have noticed people out and about looking intently at their phones. If you haven’t been aware of this latest craze.. well time to come out from under the rock you have been hiding under.

Pokémon has been around for decades in the form of trading cards, cartoons, movies and video games but it is this newest video game incarnation that has really got people involved for all the right reasons.


Protein Powder – Should you use it?

There is a misconception that protein powder is only for bodybuilders who yearn to only be able to walk through doors sideways and women who wish to be bigger and musclier than their significant other. For that sort of stuff to happen, you will find that there is a hell of a lot of work in the gym being done over a number of years. Genetics will also play a role in their size and YES – let’s address that over sized, roided out elephant in the room..


5 Reasons You Should Start Meal Prep

Meal Prep is the abbreviated term for Meal Preparation.

When talking with new clients I ask them about their diet and the challenges they face when it comes to eating healthy choices. Time, portion sizes and general laziness are the main excuses I receive and it doesn’t surprise me.

Here’s a bombshell for you:


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