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5 Reasons You Should Start Meal Prep

Meal Prep is the abbreviated term for Meal Preparation.

When talking with new clients I ask them about their diet and the challenges they face when it comes to eating healthy choices. Time, portion sizes and general laziness are the main excuses I receive and it doesn’t surprise me.

Here’s a bombshell for you:


Snakes Aren’t The End!

A some of you may know.. I haven’t been well over the last week or so. Nothing communicable thankfully but it’s been this lingering annoyance that presented itself as a mild cold – for 5 WEEKS. During this time, I’ve felt pretty good. Not 100% but well enough to work, train, play tennis.

It all went to shit this last week.


Don’t put off what you can do today – until it’s too late.

A bit of a 2 for 1 message today.

A client told me today that she was discussing the various exercises we do with a good friend of hers as a subtle nudge to get her to start exercising. Her friend’s response?


Remove The Seat

My love affair with Vietnam is no secret. 5 trips there in 5 years clearly shows I have an addiction and I have no issue with this! One of my favourite places in the country is a town called Hoi An. It’s my recharge centre if you will.. even if I am constantly on the move while there! My preferred mode of transport is the trusty but ever so reliable bicycle. Reliable might be a questionable choice of word given my story but stay with me!


You Don’t Know Me!

Have I always been fit? Hmm kind of. When it comes to cardio? Yes.. I was pretty fit. My tennis game revolved around consistency and outlasting my opponent. Could I do a push up though? HA! – NO. In fact when I used to get squad coached for Tennis.. I would plead with my mum to take me late so that I missed the fitness drills. I did not want to come last and then have to do penalty push ups that I simply couldn’t do. When you are only 60 odd kilos, endurance is not so much a problem when you are carrying practically no muscle.


The Scaly Villain

When someone says this: “I’ve been weight training now for 5 weeks and I have put ON weight instead of losing it! This isn’t working!!” OR “I’ve been training now for 8 weeks and I am still the same weight! What gives??” This is what I see in my head.


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June, 2016